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Our Services

After an initial evaluation, Dr. Jake Pawol, PT, DPT, OCS develops a customized care plan for each client, utilizing any of the services offered. The goal of the care plan is to relieve pain, correct the root cause of the pain and develop resiliency to keep the pain from coming back. 

Performance Physical Therapy

Performance physical therapy is different than traditional physical therapy for several reasons:

1. We do more than just corrective exercise. We also address other elements of human performance such as mental health and managing stress, sleep hygiene and recovery, diet and hydration, and last but not least, movement in the form of exercise!

2. Our style of exercise is also different. We focus on the natural human movement patterns of pushing, pulling, squatting, lunging, hinging and carrying. We also execute these movements with higher loads, over longer distances and higher velocities in order to increase the amount of work or power that is created. These movements, along with high intensity aerobic activities such as rowing, biking, running, etc. are utilized to improve mobility, strength, and cardiovascular fitness in order to not only get out of pain, but promote lifelong health and wellness. By creating the capacity for more work or power to be generated, we make the normal, daily, mundane tasks of life much easier to perform over the course of our lifetime.

Regenerative Dry Needling

Dry Needling (DN) is a treatment intervention that uses a thin filament needle to penetrate dysfunctional connective soft tissue in order to reduce pain, improve tissue function or promote tissue healing.  Types of tissues that can be treated include derma, fascia, muscle, scar tissue, ligaments, tendon, peripheral nerves, neurovascular bundles, and even rigid structures such as bone. DN is defined as “dry” because no chemical solution or medication is injected using the needle.  This is different from “wet” needling, which does involve injection of solution or medication into the body via a needle. 

We include DN in most treatment plans, but also offer this as a stand alone service to improve performance and recovery when appropriate.

Remote Programming

Remote programming is taking our in-person services digital. Whether a client is located in another part of the state, or country or world, or they are progressing well and no longer need in-person services or hands-on treatment, they may be appropriate for remote programming or a Prescriptive Exercise Program (PEP). With a PEP we can continue to bridge the gap between rehab and return to sport, or simply continue to address a client's impairments to allow them to continue to improve performance and/or reach new goals.

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