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In our present-day world, healthcare has evolved beyond having in-person services. At Fortitude & Freedom, we’ve revolutionized healthcare delivery by incorporating different technological solutions. Remote programming is a game-changing solution that enables clients to have a personalized health approach on a digital system. With remote programming, Fortitude & Freedom will deliver customized and effective care to all patients regardless of location.

How Does Remote Programming Work?

A customized Prescriptive Exercise Program (PEP) is how we make performance physical therapy digital. Through a combination of virtual or in-person range of motion and strength assessments, and tailored exercise prescriptions, we will help you solve your unique problem and reach your unique goals.

Remote programming has numerous benefits. First, it offers a solution to clients with limited access to physical sessions at Fortitude & Freedom for different reasons, such as geographical or time constraints. With remote programming, clients in other parts of Iowa, and even different states or countries can access our services. 

Secondly, remote programming comes in handy for clients who have progressed far enough in their performance or recovery and no longer require hands-on treatment. With remote programming, the clients will continue with their performance improvement or rehabilitation journey by accessing customized exercise plans that can be easily followed on your phone or computer. With multiple touchpoints every week, weekly feedback and weekly adjustments based on your performance, you will get constant guidance and quicker results due to the continuous communication and program progressions.

If you have only mild pain or restrictions, or you’re unable to attend in-person treatment sessions for any reason, contact us to see if a Prescriptive Exercise Program would be the right fit for you to help you solve your problem and reach your goals on your terms!

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